1967 Lotus Cortina Mark 2 Restored and None Nicer Anywhere!



  • Sold
  • Body Type: Coupe
  • 47,472 Miles
  • Year Built: 1967
  • Trans: Manual
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Ext color: White
  • Int color: Green

DSCN8513 DSCN8514 DSCN8515 DSCN8516 DSCN8517 DSCN8518 DSCN8519 DSCN8521 DSCN8522 DSCN8523 DSCN8524 DSCN8525 DSCN8526 DSCN8527 DSCN8528 DSCN8529 DSCN8530 DSCN8531 DSCN8532 DSCN8533 DSCN8534 DSCN8535 DSCN8536 DSCN8537 DSCN8538 DSCN8539 DSCN8540 DSCN85411967 Lotus Cortina. The MK2 Lotus Cortina was not officially imported to the US market and this car made its way from Canada to California. The car is rust and accident free and has just gone thru a ground up restoration. It is most likely the best MK2 in the country. The engine, gearbox, and suspension are fresh. Check the beautiful green interior, original color and very rare, and even the original ‘muffler’ style air filter is intact. The car is a dream to drive and comes complete with the original steel wheels. Beautifully Restored and maybe the Nicest Cortina for sale Anywhere at $42,500.

Vin BA91GD66236

Original mileage: 47472


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